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presidential election. >>> in ukraine the fighting spreads to donetsk, forcing many to flee their homes. >>> from the civil rites movement to journalism, a look at the life of editor and activist john seigenthaler senior. [ siren ] >>> sirens blare in central jerusalem, a cloud of smoke could be seen in the distance as people run for safety through the main streets of jerusalem. in gaza, 154 palestinianians have been killed. more than 2,000 injured by the israeli air strikes. hospitals are seeing a steady rush of wounded victims, mostly women and children. once again the united nations is calling for a ceasefire, but for those caught in the conflict seconds can mean the difference between life and death. here is an example, a small mortar smell exploding on the roof of a building. it's a warning called "a knock on the roof." in this video 57 seconds elapse before the building is hit by an israeli air strike. we added the clock and subtitles. the home owner got a telephone call 15 minutes earlier warping of the attack. an israeli official said families should receive knock on the roof s
presidential election. >>> in ukraine the fighting
participate, but we had these delegations which are engaged, which we take overseas, whether to ukraine recently or the middle east or to asia, and try to reach a consensus to do our job in a way that provides a united front in terms of the u.s. edition in these parts of the world. and i would say so far we have been largely successful in that endeavor on the committee. i will give you a few examples of areas that we have been involved in, and then i know what you want to ask questions, f i could give you some broad issues come about how the united states could be more effective overseas, and one of those has been with our communications. thatf the early impacts affected me was an exchange program years ago when i was in west germany and east germany. in east germany at that time, i sell what radio free europe, radio liberty, was able to do in order to instruct a generation of young germans in political pluralism, in tolerance, and all these ideals that helped shape and eastern europe in very different attitudes and the bombastic propaganda that was from west germany. instead, by using
the fight over who won afghanistan's presidential election. >>> in ukraine, fighting spreads to dondon forcing many to flee their homes. from the civil rights movement to journalism, a look back at the life of editor and activist john siegenthaler, sr. ♪ >>> thanks for being with us. we begin tonight with day 5 of the conflict between israel and gaza. we have a lot to catch you up on. but first, a run down of the latest numbers. israel has launched more than 1,000 air strikes against gaza so far this week as of midnight local time. according to gaza's health ministry, the death toll has reached 154 people, at least 88 of those killed have been civilians. so far, at least 1,062 people have been injured, majority of which are women and children. our nick schifrin is on the ground in gaza city. >> reporter: thomas action it's been a dramatic day purposing waited by two sounds i can hear now. one, a drone right on top of us, an israeli drone that has been firing constantly all night in addition to f-16s trying overhead as well as a bombardment from naval art i willery. and healing ambula
with ukraine and russia and middle east. other problems in europe. so this is a huge distraction for the president. he will want to get over this as quickly as he can. it is the last thing he wanted to have is an espionage scandal with germany. i hope it works. quickly. >> bob baer, thank you. we start with germany kicks out u.s. spy over espionage. how i would have written this one, keeping our friends closer. >>> when darlene wrote by public assistance driving up from a mercedes benz. 5,000 people posted comments. you're about to meet her. >>> and pat buchanan is here with me. he has a unique insight into the oval office, one that mitt romney might want to hear. >>> time for the next headline. this comes from the washington post. this is what happened when i drove my mercedes to pick up food stamps. let that sink in for a moment. this is actually a wonderfully written thought provoking piece written by my next guest. darlena kuna is joining me now. 5,000 plus comments. why did you write a piece that you had difficulty getting published? >> i think there are so many people that
to discuss the situation in eastern ukraine. >>> former police captain accused of killing a former movie goer after an argument during texting, he is now free on bail. a judge released the 71-year-old on $150,000 bond. reeves is accused of shooting and killing 43-year-old chad olson. the attorneys claim their client acted in self-defense. reeves' next pretrial hearing is september 10. prosecutors and defense attorneys are expected to try and set a date for his trial. that could come sometime early next year. >>> there is shock in california after a convicted rapist has been released to live in a rural community. christopher hubbard, the so-called pillow case rapist, admits to having raped nearly 40 women decades ago. now the community vows not to stop protesting until he is gone. dominic dinatale live with the latest. >> reporter: hey there. yes, rural area here in california, quite a protest that has been turning out. ever since he arrived midweek, moving to the los angeles area, 80 miles north of where we are. the latest round of protests involves bull horns and also motorcycles being reved
election. >>> in ukraine, fighting spreads
. a leading military analyst weighs in on that conflict and the intense new fighting in the ukraine. and in our signature segment, preparing for the inevitable. >> the year after somebody passes is one of the most vulnerable times for eye deputy theft. >> -- identity theft. >> next on pbs newshour weekend. made possible by lewis band lou ease herch if he would coleman, the wallace family, in memory of miriam and ira wallick, bernard and irene schwartz, the city found tation, rosalyn walter, corporate funding is provided by mutual of america, designing customized individual and group retirement products. that's why we are your retirement company. additional support is provided by, and by, the corporation for public broadcasting and by continue bias to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. from the tissue studios at lincoln center in new york. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. the latest round of middle eastern violence triggered by the kidnapping and murder of those three jewish teenagers escalated again today. tonight israel said its iron dome system intercepted t
in the fighting in ukraine. some have that they have killed 1000 rebels eared other say the hashs were far fewer. there no independent confirmation. what is certain is the government assault is treating a new flood of refugees. fromoke is still pouring here. basic ukrainian areas killing at least 30 civilians. to suppress words my ear and confusion. look here. this is the face. he is not our president. this is her interface. >> this came after they vowed to retaliate after 23 ukrainian soldiers on friday. he says it is pushing back the rebels. >> there were powerful airstrikes. camp in theebel regions. thank you. in the capital, the government displayed these that were captured from the rebels. they say the weaponry proves that it has been reported by russia. meanwhile, some inhabitants have been returning to their home for professional -- personal items. has reached a most candidates have committed to abide. the caucus by almost one million votes. they rejected the votes and claims there has an white rent cause. -- widespread cause. it is safe to say that most people here in germany are wonderi
in the show. >>> officials in eastern ukraine say at least four civilians were killed by government artillery fire damaging several apartment buildings. this comes a day after 19 ukrainian troops were killed by pro-russian forces in the region. the ukrainian government claims its air strikes have killed about 1,000 rebels. meantime, vice president joe biden spoke with the ukrainian president by phone expressing support for his efforts to convene a meeting to discuss a possible cease fire. >>> the iraqi government said about 4,000 volunteers are being sent to the city to bolester troops. this video showing the town being attacked by i.s.i.s. fighters earlier this year. the vast majority of volunteers are shiite who answered a call from the top cleric to defend the country from sunni militants. ramadi is the capital. secretary of state john kerry says afghanistan's two presidential candidates will honor the results of an audit of the election runoff ballot. secretary kerry meeting with the candidates today in kabul, both contesting the election results. next kerry travels for talks on ir iran's
in ukraine. some family are fleeing. engineers prepare to go back to work on what remains of the costa concordia. ♪ good to have you with us. it is day 5 of the open conflict between israel and palestinians in gaza. this afternoon, israeli forces destroyed a site where four rockets had been fired toward tel aviv. there has been a flury of diplomatic activity. as it stands, 150 people have been killed in nearly -- and nearly a thousand have been hurt. the military wing of hamas issued a warning to israel earlier today. now, the israeli army is warning northern gaza residents to leave their homes for their own safety. nick schifrin is joining us from gaza. what seems to be the dramatic escalation to the violence in the last hour? what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, what you hear behind me perhaps is that ambulance, and that is what's happening in the last hour. there have been a large number of very big israeli strikes on the gaza. some from the sea. some from the air. above us, i can hear drones flying ahead. what happened is as you just laid it out, about 8:00 o'clock local, th
in eastern ukraine. that conflict has been continuing. four apartment buildings were hit by artillery fire in the suburb of donetsk. it is not known at this moment which side was directly behind that attack, but pro-russian insurgents are holed up in the city of donetsk, and there reportedly is a rebel base nearby. the attack coming hours after ukraine's president vowed vengeance for those 19 troops who were killed in a rocket attack near the russian border. >>> comedian tracy morgan is suing walmart over the crash on a new jersey highway that seriously injured him and killed fellow comedian and friend, james mcnear. last month, a walmart tractor-trailer slammed into the limousine carrying mcnair, morgan and three other passengers. he claims that walmart was negligent and should have known the driver was awake for 24 hours before the crash. the driver pleading not guilty to death by auto. >>> meanwhile, that former florida police captain accused of killing a fellow moviegoer in that argument over texting during the movie previews, he is now free on bail. a judge let out 70-year-old curtis
to other news. ukraine's government said that fighter jets are bombarding to the east. with more on that we'll go to our european news center for the latest. >> reporter: yes, adrian. the army said up to a thousand armed separatists have been killed. a figure that the reps say is exaggerated. elsewhere four civilians have been killed after artillery fire hit apartment buildings. scott hidler is in the eastern city and sent this report. >> reporter: it is the escalation that everyone has been bracing for here in donetsk. fighting has reached the eastern suburbs killing four overnight. >> at 3:00 in the morning we were hit by a wave of explosions. ten of us were thrown to the basement by the heat of the explosion. it was so scary. >> reporter: it's unclear who fired the rockets but a separatist fighter base is very close to the four buildings hit. >> reporter: this is the main road going out out of donetsk. now a lot of these people just made the decision to leave because this fighting on saturday has come even closer to the city. >> this morning i went home to the office. >> on the other sid
. time for the top of the news. at least four civilians killed by artillery fire in eastern ukraine. a day after 19 ukranian troops were killed by pro-russian forces. >>> and a lightning strike kills a woman in rocky mountain national park. >>> and brazil plays the netherlands in the world cup today, before germany and argentina meet in the final tomorrow. >>> the death toll in gaza reaching more than 125 people. and all this, as the terrorist group isis continues to attack iraq and syria. so, how does the crisis in gaza impact the crisis in iraq and syria as well? chuck nash joins us to discuss this. good to see you, as always. how do you see this all coming together? what are we seeing unfold in the middle east? >> i think what we're seeing is the further deterioration of the situation. the situations in iraq, the instability in the gulf, to afghanistan, and israel, and going through the northern coast of africa, and the dismemberment of a lot of those governments that were the fallout of the arab spring. and the focal point, israel, that's where they can coalesce around. when the
to cross the road in ukraine and russia. it is a leap of faith every time you step off the sidewalk. >> in this roadway driving in the rain standing on husband side of the road, watch what happe happens. in those conditions it's so difficult to kind of maneuver because your wheels might slide. after watching all of these videos, do you ever just drive down the road? this show does make -- >> while you're watch this video you are going to want to reach through the screen and help these people. a guy named dale posted this video on his facebook page, and you are going to see the wife and their twin children. 4 years old. this is at a mall in pretoria, south africa. you're going to see dale's wife. she's got blonde hair and two 4-year-olds in a shopping cart. then you're going to see his wife go off screen right there. now, watch this. here comes the car. here comes the kids. that's not dale's wife. >> wait. >> someone is pushing the cart away. >> this is an attempted kidnapping. here comes dale's wife. she's with a frenz where i because her kids are being stolen. she runs after these
before striking. this family is given 57 seconds is what they got. >>> people are killed in ukraine as an artillery fire hits apartments. and brazil failed to reach the world cup final. was the whole thing worth the billions of dollars spent? we'll hear from the president. >> a fifth day of strikes. 135 palestinians now killed. one of the most horrific attacks was on a center of the di abled. two patients there as well a worker there were killed. stephanie decker went to that center. we have this report. >> reporter: may is disabled, and the center that cared for her was targeted in an israeli airstrike. she survived but her injuries are severe. >> we received four casualties. three of them are disabled. the injuries are burns on their bodies. >> reporter: not much is left of this care home. we asked whether it had any links to any armed faction here, and we were categorially told kno no. this was a place for those who could not care for themselves. >> reporter: this is not fair. where is the united nations? where are our human rights? this is a disability center. what did they do?
candidate abdullah abdullah called for recount. >>> next we head to ukraine where a separatist launched a rocket attack using a russian-made grad rocket system. ukrainian authorities say as many 30 soldiers and border guards were killed, making it one of the deadliest days for ukrainian forces. the ukrainian forces have vow revenge in the attack. >> all those who grad mists will be bound and destroyed. for every life of our service men rebels will pay for tens and hundreds of their lives. >> we end in new york city where a giant rubixs cube went for a boat ride. the giant toy was towed down the river to mark the 70th anniversary of the man who invented the iconic puzzle oh 40 years ago. it will begin touring the world in december. >>> coming up, chicago is bracing for more violence. the reverend jesse jackson joins us next. also an author who foresaw the danger of boko haram long before the group made headlines. author brad taylor will be here. an >> reporter: the internet giveth, and the internet taketh away. a soccer player learned that lesson the hard way. and join the conversation w
right now it is getting in the way. we need the germans to deal with ukraine and russia and middle east. other problems in europe. so this is a huge distraction for the president. he will want to get over this as quickly as he can. it is the last thing he wanted to have is an espionage scandal with germany. i hope it works. quickly. >> bob baer, thank you. we start with germany kicks out u.s. spy over espionage. i would consider written keeping our friends even closer. >>> when darlene wrote by public assistance driving up from a mercedes benz. 5,000 people posted comments. >>> and pat buchanan is here with me this morning. he has unique insight into the oval office. one that mitt romney might want to hear. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. every year, millions of americans just like you learn that a little personal information in the wrong hands could wreak havoc on your life. this is identity the
the fifth day with no end in site. [ gunfire ] >>> and pro-russian separatists strike in the eastern ukraine as the new president vows to destroy those responsible for killing 23 soldiers in a separate incident. plus, shut down - the c.d.c. closes two labs after another mistake with a deadly virus. >>> and home sweet home. check him out. basketball's biggest star heads home to cleveland. >>> good morning to you, welcome to al jazeera america. live from new york city. i'm morgan radford. israel's continued bombardment in gaza, sparking protests in occupied palestinian territories. overnight hundreds of protesters clashed with israeli soldiers in bethlehem. they three stones at the soldiers and set tires on fire. the soldiers responded with stun grenades and tear gas. israel continued an aerial assault in gaza. 121 have died since the start of the conflict, call palestinians living in gaza. israel says 680 rockets have been launched by hamas, including 140 op friday. london, paris and rome thousands rallied to call for an end to the air strikes. nick schifrin joins us live from gaza. are peopl
. >> protestors in ukraine killed several in rocket attack. the violence is dampening hopes for a cease fire. government forces have been intensifying their operations in the east of the country. they have retaken two cities from the separatists in the donetsk region. >>> on friday they launched near the russian border. a defense ministry spokesperson said 23 soldiers were killed and 93 others injured. poroshenko convened a emergency meeting of his security chiefs. he said for every ukrainian soldier killed the separatists will pay for hundreds of their own. he called the rebels terrorists and said none of them will escape responsibility. officials from france and germany are urging russian leaders to mediate a truce but separatists refused to negotiate with the government. >>> japan's defense minister says that japan is strengthening it's alliance with the u.s. now that japan can exercise it's right to collective self-defense. defense minister itsunori onodera said it at a think tank. he mentioned intrusions by chinese ships around the islands in the east china sea. japan controls the islan
in the eastern ukraine as the new president vows to destroy those responsible for killing 23 soldiers in a separate incident. plus, shut down - the
. >>> pro-russian separatists hit back in eastern ukraine, the president vows to destroy the forces that killed 23 soldiers. >>> and the children jumping mexican freight trains to get to the u.s. sh >>> israel says it won't let up on its military effort against gaza. 221 have been killed, over 900 injured of the diplomatic efforts to end the crisis are continuing. israel's prime minister says hamas must stop firing rockets at his country first. john hendren has this report from gaza. >> reporter: israeli air strikes are redrawing the landscape on the gaza strip. as homes in hallooed sights turn to rubble. the death toll crosses a threshold. 100, and continuing to rise. >> five palestinians were killed when an israeli air strike destroyed this home in rafa, neighbours say it came without warning. >> this is the price we have to pay to liberate the land. maybe the jews think this will destroy us. it will give us a good opportunity and encouragement to take our rights back. >> when the dust cleared from another strike, the latest trike was the rafa hospital. the walls peppered with hol
take overseas, whether to ukraine recently or the middle east or to asia, and try to reach a consensus to do our job in a way that provides a united front in terms of the u.s. edition in these parts of the world. and i would say so far we have been largely successful in that endeavor on the committee. i will give you a few examples of areas that we have been involved in, and then i know what you want to ask questions, f i could give you some broad issues come about how the united states could be more effective overseas, and one of those has been with our communications. thatf the early impacts affected me was an exchange program years ago when i was in west germany and east germany. in east germany at that time, i sell what radio free europe, radio liberty, was able to do in order to instruct a generation of young germans in political pluralism, in tolerance, and all these ideals that helped shape and eastern europe in very different attitudes and the bombastic propaganda that was from west germany. instead, by using east german reporters and by having a vision of how we would introduc
territory. >>> pro-russian separatists hit back in eastern ukraine, the president vows to destroy the fo t
and ukraine or help us in the middle east or something. is she not going to play to that same anti-americanism and not go with us? >> i don't think she is anti-american herself. >> i know, but she is obviously responding to it. >> as her predecessor did. i think that's a very dangerous game to play. from her point of view it gives her some leeway from the criticism that's being expressed. >> at home. >> exactly. >> also to do it publicly, she could play to the crowd at home by issuing condemnations and so on and so forth. but to expel the station chief publicly like this can only be interpreted as a shot at obama. that goes deeper than the espionage. when she met with obama on dealing with ukraine i heard from german sources who said there has never been a worst meeting between a post world war ii german chancellor and american president. did understand what was going none crew crane. she was trying to explain her decision and it was two ships passing through a night. ironic owe wham maps performance over a range of issues that place into that. >> even secretary of state hillary cl
the pro-russian revolution in eastern ukraine looks like from the inside. why do people in turkey fear the government? ♪ titles with miami lebron james is going back to ohio. today he announced she return together cavaliers. james who grew up in akron played seven seasons with cleveland after being the overall number one pick in 2003. the four-time league mvp wants to give the city its first championship in more than 50 years. according to one las vegas sports book the cavs are a 3-1 favorite to win the nba title. steve kerr made his coaching debut in las vegas. james michael mcado delivered a monster jam. the team high 17 and here is the warriors beating the hornets 70-58. we should add the rockets have traded jeremy lin to the lakers. unlike lebron he is not going back home, but he is on the west coast. >> they are happy in cleveland. >> wake up weather. many of you will start out with low cloudiness and some patchy fog out there. light breeze and temperatures in the 50s and 60s at 5:00 a.m. slowly coming up at 8:00 a.m. we are expecting a warm up later in the day, bay and inland a
there to the russians. you have hours to stop your support of the ukraine rebels. it's been weeks. nothing has happened. the german writer was right. the europeans could rely on us. we have nobody behind us. that's why there's such disarray in the world and fear among our allies. >> do you believe as some of the president's critics suggested that this conflict we're seeing right now in israel tonight is, in part, due to the so-called daylight he's put between us and israel because he's backed israel in words, some say in deed as well with the money put towards iron defense. >> look, i do think he's put daylight early, especially in the first term, and it led to a collapse of all peace negotiations which had been doing fairly well between israel and the palestinians, but i do not attribute the conflict today today light. this is clearly hamas trying to test israel, trying to see whether they can inflict damage on israel and gain advantage internally over the rival because they will be upcoming elections. they want to show its tough, and that's why the israelis are responding to make hamas pay a very hig
, and intercepted german internet traffic. in ukraine, a rebel rocket attack killed said at least 19 government soldiers near the eastern border with russia. in turn, president petro poroshenko warned that for every soldier killed, "scores and hundreds" of militants will die. but in a phone call, german chancellor angela merkel urged the ukrainian leader to use "a sense of proportion" and protect civilians. kurdish forces in iraq have grabbed two major oil fields in the northern part of the country. the move today widens a split with the baghdad government. the oil fields are outside the city of kirkuk, which kurdish fighters seized weeks ago amid the chaos of a sunni insurgency. secretary of state john kerry made an emergency trip to afghanistan today over the disputed presidential election. in kabul he urged presidential rivals abdullah abdullah and ashraf ghani to let the united nations investigate alleged voter fraud. >> we obviously have high hopes that the questions about the election will be resolved quickly, can be resolved, and that a way forward can take place which can give afghan's
it is time to bring them back. >> an attack in ukraine. before the attack government forces appear to be gaining the upper hand in the three-month battle with separatists. >>> hundreds of people are now leaving the city of donetsk fearing more violence. >>> still ahead, buyout. snatching up real estate and the effect it's having in some cities. >>> remembering a giant journalist and the civil rights movement. we'll look back on the life of john seigenthaler sr. >> this is al jazeera america. i'm randall pinkston. coming up, home court, back's biggest star is taking his talents back to cleveland. >>> flexible tv, the next wave of televisions are so thin you can roll them up and put them in your pocket. >>> and behind the scenes, jay leno's former producer tells us what life was like working with the late night funnyman. >> secretary of state john kerry and treasury secretary jacob lew were in china trying to mend relations after allegations of hacking. meanwhile economic relations have never been stronger. chinese investors are here buying real estate. >> wow. >> reporter: new york
. thank you for your insight this evening. >> thanks, michael. >> michael: in ukraine president poroshenko has vowed to hunt down straightists believe to have killed ukraine troops. the government offered a peace fire, but the separatists refused. >>> in cuba russian president vladimir putin is on tour. putin said he's hopeful that russian and cuban oil companies will begin to explore cuba's offshore oil soon. it will forgive cuba's $35 million. the rest of the 10% will go to officials. >>> 10% of i a immigrants to italy are children. to help house the immigrants officials have turned to private companies. >> reporter: they come from across the african continent and elsewhere. >> i travel to senegal. senegal to mali. and then from there cross the sahara. >> reporter: the local council provides food and drink and fresh clothes, and medicine where possible. but it costs money. to get here most of the children have had to find around $1,400 for the boat journey to sicily. around 6,000 unaccompanied minors have been rescued by the italian navy this year. the operation is costing the government
to ukraine and it may seem like it's out of left field but i'm curious given the amount of knowledge you both havebility russia, what do you think the response would be given the events in iraq that have happened recently if the syrians ask the russians to conduct their strikes in syria against isil? how opened would that be to that sort of measure? that's a separate question 57d i want to focus on the specific sanctions by congress would further the direction of the decisionmaking in moscow. >> i'd make three points. one, i think your description of his strategy is accurate and it's very, very important that it be seen to fail. because if it succeeds he'll do it again elsewhere. when he went into georgia in 2008, we all said -- today georgia, tomorrow crimea and the day after, the baltics. he's two-thirds of the way there. one, it's important to fail. go, i think it would be very useful as i said in my opening comments, to have that kind of roadmap. if he takes these activities or fails to stop what he's doing, these are the kinds of sanctions he would face. i think that would be a useful th
like the war in syria, the crisis in ukraine. maybe this story has to get even bigger to fight for place in the public mind here in the u.s. >> it has been making headlines for a couple days here. we know the u.s. secretary of state john kerry will be meeting with his german counterpart on sunday, face to face. >> yeah, and i think on that level, it is clear this dramatic move by germany will make an impact. it will be absolutely wrong to underestimate how dramatic this move was. one analyst pointed out to me -- germany could very easily have expelled a much more junior intelligence official, but they chose to go for the station chief. that is absolutely a dramatic gesture, and one that is serving as the wake-up call it was intended to pay, i think. there is no way john kerry can ignore that this weekend. but no one should expect them to make any big promises. as we were just hearing from simon, there should not be any great expectations of this. look how far apart they are in the overall attitude to intelligence. intelligence services for the u.s. are not simply about fighting
country by the day. >> michael: meanwhile by ukraine president petro poroshenko has vowed to hunt down separatists responsible for killing 23 service men. fighters fired missiles early this morning, more than 100 ukrainian troops were injured. kiev has been turning the tide since taking slovyansk last weekend. the government offered a cease-fire but the separatists refused. >>> in cuba return president vladimir putin begins a tour. he met with former leader fidel castro. and they hope to begin oh offshore oil reserves drilling soon. >> and in italy, 10% of asylum seekers are unaccompanied children. it costs $12 million every month to house and care for these children. because they're overwhelmed italy has turned to private contractors. >> this is home to 138 child migrants. they come from across the african continent and elsewhere. >> i come to senegal to across the sahara. >> now the local council provides food and drink and fresh clothes. they pay 1400 to get to sicily. the operation is costing the government $12 million every month. just down the road from the center is the naval st
back one strategic cold war chip in ukraine, vladimir putin is right now visiting the castro brothers. one presumes he's in cuba for more than sun and rum. is this part of his whole get in the west's head campaign? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the world lead, right now millions living with the fear that a an rocket or missile col forever change their lives or take their lives. israel now on alert from an attacking from two fronts after a rocket was fired from lebanon today likely from hezbollah tied up in that civil war in syria. it's not difficult to see how with just the slightest miscalculation or provocation, this could explode into a greater conflict. no one died in that attack from lebanon or for that matter, from the 100 rockets fired by hamas militants in gaza todayed. 100 more since monday. the body count on the israeli side is zero. though one was serious will i injured when a rocket hit a fuel tank near a gas station. but the israeli air strikes on gaza have been punishing. there are no signs is israel will ease off soon. health official
to support an independent ukraine and counter malign russian interference where delay threatens these goals, our strategic objectives or national interests. in the long run, a stable and secure region will serve our national interest and enhance opportunities for the u.s. and european businesses. in my view, unless putin is confronted with strong disincentives, he will continue to ensure that the ukraunian government will not be able to stabilize the situation and that he will position himself to fill the power vacuum when the government can't fill the needs of parts the ukrainian people. what steps and measures must putin take to resolving the conflict and at what point would you call his bluff and proceed with additional sanctions? we're pleased to have distinguished panels before the committee. we look forward to gaining a deeper insight into what's happening and the geopolitical ramifications. let me turn to senator corker for his comments. >> thanks for calling the hearing. welcome our witnesses on both panels. i think we've got an outstanding group of people here today that i know wil
minister. news from europe as pro-russian fighters hit back in eastern ukraine the president vows to destroy those who killed 23 soldiers. >>> andy richardson with the sport and on the move to barcelona and lebron james is out of the heat and heading to cleveland and we will have reaction to that story. ♪ it's been a fourth day of intense bombing of gaza by israeli air power and they passed a grim milestone, 105 people have now died in air strikes according to the palestinian health admin industry and of those 24 are children and 6 are from one family attacked on tuesday, 12 casualties have been women but we also know another 8 of the dead were palestinian fighters and john is in gaza and joins us now live, john, it seems to be the usual this evening, sunset, the start of ramadan and another round of air strikes. >> that is right, sue, when we began we began to see rockets coming out of gaza and air strikes coming in and that is a typical pattern. it starts up in the middle of the night at 3:00 in the morning when people wake up for their predawn brek breakfast and up set about
could cause the steering shaft to jam. >>> a deadly attack in eastern ukraine pro-russian rebels firing rockets at troops leaving 19 people dead as both sides fight for control of several border crossings. >>> israel attacking more than a thousand targets in gaza during an operation to halt a barrage of palestinian rockets and the prime minister says he won't cave to international pressure. benjamin netanyahu will appear this weekend on "fox news sunday" so check your local listings for that. >>> president obama returning to the hornets nest in washington. the immigration crisis boiling over following his refusal to go to the border while visiting texas. the president is back from texas. things are still tense in washington over this big issue. what's the latest? >> reporter: you're right. i just came from texas as well. i can tell you that local press reports down there say there are plane loads of unaccompanied minors coming into cities like el paso where the border patrol are dealing with them and you'll already have more than 60,000 unaccompanied children come in since october. repu
since ukraine ended the unilateral cease-fire last month. >>> the obama administration says it will soon run out of money to deal with the crisis at the border unless lawmakers act quickly. today, homeland security secretary jay johnson will meet a new mexico detention center and meet with texas leaders as well. yesterday, he was in washington to tell lawmakers, immigration, and border officials will run out of cash by mid-september if congress does not approve the president's request for nearly $4 billion. meantime, president obama is still defending his decision not to visit the border while he was in the lone star state. >> rather than wage another political stunt, that wastes time, waste taxpayers' money, i've got a better idea. do something! >> the president assured the american people the border was secure, but clearly, it is not. >> republicans in congress now want quicker deportations, which could be part of a compromise between lawmakers. >>> maamazing video out of indi. it appears a valet driver has accidentally damaged a lamborghini. the lamb bolamborghini in the bk there, you
separatists in east ukraine. >>> and we follow one of sumo's rising stars as he gears up for the july tournament. >>> u.s. president barack obama says he's willing to help negotiate a cease-fire between israeli leaders and palestinian militants in gaza. israeli forces have been targeting members of hamas in retaliation for rocket attacks. dozens of palestinians have died, and there are fears the violence could worsen if israel launches a ground offensive. more from nhk world's craig dale. >> reporter: palestinian militants in gaza are firing off rockets day and night. israelis have been rushing to bomb shelters. and while some of the rockets hit their marks, most end up as white puffs in the sky, blown up by israel's sophisticated aerial defense system known as the iron dome. the israeli air offensive in gaza has been much more punishing. buildings reduced to rubble or engulfed in flames, residents rushed out on stretchers, and cars turned into piles of mangled metal. israeli leaders say they're targeting members of hamas, the islamist militant group that controls gaza, but civilians
economy. merkel supports washington's position in the ukraine crisis, and has been trying to negotiate a settlement with putin. germany is key in negotiations over iran's nuclear program and various middle east issues. experts say damaged relations with germany would be a big blow to the united states. the germans and angela merkel in particular, they're the most important partners for america in europe. this is the biggest economy clearly. also increasingly politically the most important country. this whole row is really poisoning the relationship. >> reporter: relations with germany are already suffering following the revelations of leaker edward snowden, that the nsa had hacked angela merkel's phone. she's already under pressure at home. many germans want her to toughen her stance against the u.s. these latest allegations will make it harder for europe's most powerful politician to justify close ties with the obama administration. fred pleitgen, cnn. >> a lot of people asking why, why would the united states risk damaging ties with such a critically important ally. joining us, bob b
sanctions against russia for the issues in ukraine. >> -- help us look more closely at develops in ukraine. we are pleased to have the assistant secretaries from state, treasury and defense to brief us on the situation on the ground and our second panel two former national security advisers to provide insights into the broader geopolitical implications of putin's actions in ukraine. in the past week, ukraine appears to have mobilized around its new president. ukrainian armed forces have been actively reclosing their border with russia and pushing back russian separatists. at the same time, president putin's instigation of this conflict continues to breed uncertainty as to whether a corner has in fact, been turned. in my view, president putin is entirely capable of trying to divide ukraine one day n then when the international community applies pressure withdraw from the scene long enough to avoid the international community scrutiny while effectively continuing his aggression to achieve his intended goal. in june, i wrote to president obama asking him to seriously answer consider implement
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